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ORUBA Members

Units, business officers, and contact information

Office of Research Affairs

Name MC Ext. Email Title
Merritt Bradford 0043 43553 merritt@ucsd.edu Postdoctoral Scholar Analyst
Robert Clark 0043 23456 rmc010@ucsd.edu Financial Analyst
Leticia Egea 0043 49467 legea@ucsd.edu Administrative Specialist
Megan Ensminger 0548 20271 mensminger@ucsd.edu Administrative Assistant
Marianne Generales 0043 44636 mgenerales@ucsd.edu Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Anna Gheissari 0043 25321 angheissari@ucsd.edu Business Officer
Patrice Lock 0043 23439 plock@ucsd.edu Adminisrative Coordinator
Stacey McDermaid 0043 23491 smcdermaid@ucsd.edu Senior HR Analyst
Jesse Martel 0548 62277 jmartel@ucsd.edu Reserach Administrator
Megan Murphy 0548 25297 mem001@ucsd.edu Event Coordinator, ORU Core
Jennifer Oh 0043 46632 jmoh@ucsd.edu Director of Academic Research Personnel
Laurie Owen 0043 43496 lowen@ucsd.edu Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
Ingrid Pyper 0548 43123 ipyper@ucsd.edu HR Analyst, ORU Core
Lisette Reynolds-Slipper 0043 27510 lrslipper@ucsd.edu Academic Personnel and Visiting Scholar Analyst
Catherine Schumacher 0548 21506 cdschumacher@ucsd.edu MRU/ORU Academic Personnel Analyst, ORU Core
Karina Soto 0043 49758 k6soto@ucsd.edu Administrative Assistant
Devon Tolliver 0043 22529 dntolliver@ucsd.edu Program Support Specialist
Jessica Wholey 0043 43527 jwholey@ucsd.edu Executive Assistant to the VCR

Campus Units

MSO MC Ext. Email Director
ACP - Animal Care Program
Marisa Jolstead 0614 23226 mjolstead@ucsd.edu Phil Richter
BCI - BioCircuits Institute
Terry Peters 0402 47753 tpeters@ucsd.edu Jeff Hasty
CALIT2 - California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
Yuki Marsden 0436 41800 ymarsden@ucsd.edu

Ramesh Rao
Larry Smarr

CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny
Linda Nelson 0687 24030 cartaadmin@ucsd.edu

Ajit Varki
Fred H. Gage
Margaret Schoeninger

CASS - Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences
Elizabeth (Liz) Kelly 0424 43934 eakelly@ucsd.edu George Fuller
CCB-Center for Chronobiology
Terry Peters 0402 47753 tpeters@ucsd.edu Stuart Brody
Susan Golden
CCIS - Center for Comparative Immigration Studies
Ana Minvielle 0548 24447 aminvielle@ucsd.edu

John Skrentny

David FitzGerald

CER - Center for Energy Research
0043 44969 jlgriffin@ucsd.edu Farhat Beg
CGJ - Center on Global Justice
Tim Truitt 0523 47207 ttruit@ucsd.edu

Gerry Mackie
Fonna Forman

CHD - Center for Human Development
Janet Shin 0115 22698 jshin@ucsd.edu Terry Jernigan
CIHED - Center for Investigations of Health and Education Disparities
0739 44829   Antonio DeMaio
Frank Ross
CILAS - Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies
Ana Minvielle 0548 24447 aminvielle@ucsd.edu David Mares
CMRR - Center for Magnetic Recording Research
Iris Villanueva 0401 46196 ivilla@ucsd.edu Eric Fullerton
CNS - Center for Networked Systems
Kathy Krane 0404 25694 kkrane@ucsd.edu Stefan Savage (interim)
CREATE - Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence
Ramona Mason 0036 22984 rmason@ucsd.edu Mica Pollock
CRL - Center for Research in Language
Janet Shin 0526 42536 jshin@ucsd.edu Marta Kutas
CTRI - Clinical & Translational Research Institute
Gary Firestein 0602 23824 gfirestein@ucsd.edu Gary Firestein
FF-21 - Food and Fuel for the 21st Century
Philip Godfrey 0368 47593 phgodfrey@ucsd.edu Stephen Mayfield
Julian Schroeder 
IEM - Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Philip Godfrey 0417 44969 phgodfrey@ucsd.edu Shu Chien
IGCC – UC Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation
Misty Cervantes Nguyen 0518 47252 menguyen@ucsd.edu Tai Ming Cheung
IGM- Institute for Genomic Medicine
Peggy Bonine 0642 60949 mbonine@ucsd.edu Kang Zhang
INC - Institute for Neural Computation
Tim Truitt 0526 47207 ttruit@ucsd.edu Terry Sejnowski
Gert Cauwenberghs
KIBM - Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind
Janet Shin 0526 jshin@ucsd.edu

Nick Spitzer
Fred H. Gage
Ralph J. Greenspan

SDSC - San Diego Supercomputer Center
0505 40355 Michael Norman
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