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ORUBA's membership is made up of the business officers for UC San Diego's research units.


ORUBA is governed by a Chair and Vice-Chair elected from the general membership. The ORUBA Chair organizes and presides over all meetings, while the Vice-Chair serves in the absence of the Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair each serve one-year terms (not to exceed two years). At the end of the Chair's one-year term, the Vice-Chair assumes the outgoing Chair's position. A new Vice Chair is elected each year by the ORUBA members.

2017–18 Officers

Chair: Elizabeth Kelly

2016–17 Officers

Chair: Janet Shin

2015–16 Officers

Chair: Carol Hudson
Vice-Chair: Janet Shin

2014–15 Officers

Chair: Ken Tomory
Vice-Chair: Carol Hudson

2013–14 Officers

Chair: Jennifer Griffin
Vice-Chair: Vikki DeVries

2012–13 Officers

Chair: Ana Minvielle
Vice-Chair: Jennifer Griffin

2011–12 Officers

Chair: Iris Villanueva
Vice-Chair: Ana Minvielle

2010–11 Officers

Chair: Yuki Marsden
Vice-Chair: Iris Villanueva

2009–10 Officers

Chair: Helen Olow
Vice-Chair: Yuki Marsden